Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I've decided I need help in motivating my self to do more clicker-work with my dogs. With that, I need your help... and so a blog is born! What we will be doing, is having a trick challenge. There will be prizes given at the end of the challenge... as well as blogged-fame of your awesomeness!

Tricks are based off the book 101 Dog Tricks by Kyra Sundance, though most will be blogger-submitted and random ones I think up.


1. Please leave link to your video response via comments. I will post that trick's best performance on the blog, as well as best blooper response (there's no fun if you can't laugh along the way! - please label response as blopper).

2. Each trick will vary on number of days it runs, so check back often.

3. Trick must be performed without luring. Anything else goes, either verbal or hand-motion cue.

3. Have fun, don't be discouraged, and get Ready!!!

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