Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tricks #7, #8, and #9

Sorry for the last post everyone! Therefore you will have until next Tuesday (March 2nd) to turn this set in, though new ones will be starting on Sunday!!

Trick #7 = Take
Dog must pick up an object. Whether it's from your hand, floor, etc. I personally use take for taking something outta my hand - helpful when I've got four dogs and only one is instructed to take something.

Trick #8 = Give
Dog must drop/hand you object on command. I personally only use *Give* with *Take*, as we use that for one someone needs to be holding an object in their mouth.

Trick #9 = Sit pretty
Our form of sit pretty is a dog in a sit position (on haunches) and raising paws to chest. But it's your dog, it could be standing on hind legs, front legs, maybe you want a leg sticking out. Whatever! Make it fun!

Also keep working on *Roll Over*, as you'll be needing that and *shaking with both paws* later in the game, maybe next week, week after, who knows! Videos must be in by Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 at 11:oo pm EST.

I've also added a new rule: Rule #4
Any trick can be gone back and taught. You won't receive the same number as points for having it in on time, but it could help in the long run!! Please send me an email with link (as well as commenting in appropiate week) so I can log it!


  1. Tempie already knew how to sit pretty/beg and how to give, but she did not know "take it."

  2. Hey Jes how did you teach take it? It should be such an easy thing to teach I'd imagine, lol, but Juno is being a goober and won't take anything from me unless it's food. =P

    Maybe I should smear some peanut butter on a toy to get her to mouth it... hmm...

    We probably won't have a video in time because Juno knows none of these, and I've been lazy and didn't even attempt to teach her them until today. Oops.

  3. I used shaping for Tempie. I would C/T every time she sniffed it, then when she put her nose on it, until finally she took it in her mouth. I had to slowly build her up to holding it for more than two seconds. She still doesn't hold it very long, but we're getting there. If Juno likes to play tug, you can start with that. Just start using the words "take it" whenever she grabs the tug toy. That's how I taught Raja.

  4. Boo knew "put'em up" and "sit pretty" but hold it was new. Definitely a struggle to say the least. I've been attempting to teach it to her for months, but it's always been very off and on. At the start of this week, we were at the point where she'd put her mouth around it, but wouldn't put any pressure on it to keep it there if you let go. Now she holds it like a pro!

    Southpaw - I also used shaping. Took forever, though I tend to go through training 'phases' so we weren't very consistent. Boo was a slow learner for this one - took a few weeks to get past licking and onto mouthing. First I clicked for looking at it, then for moving towards it, then for sniffing it, then for licking/mouthing/any non paw interaction. We got stuck for a while because I was using a soft toy and Boo kept chewing/licking it. I decided to use a stick instead. That solved that problem, but after a while, she still wouldn't hold the weight in her mouth, so I tried rolled up paper, and viola! Now we're going for duration and eventually we'll add weight/diameter for her to hold.

    final results:


  5. Okay, "put 'em up" was friggin' adorable. Very cool.