Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trick #4 = Stay *AND* #1 Re-Cap

For trick #4, you will be teaching your dog(s) to STAY! Also, we are doing the first re-cap of all we've learned so far, as this is the end of the first chapter. Basically in the re-cap, you must have a video in which your dog does all four of the last tricks: sit, down, come, and stay. Tricks can be in any order, but must be in the same video! No cut/pasting together!

Videos will be due by February 13th at 11:00pm EST.

After that is turned in, I will be switching it up to giving out a few tricks each week, in which you'll have a whole week to turn it (there may be 2-3 tricks each week). It only gets funner from here folks!

Here's ours (is it sad I haven't posted the videos of my own dogs yet? LAWL)


  1. Tah-dah!

  2. Stay:
    The last thing I threw was a Beggin Strip which is why they were both most interested in that lol. Lucy doesn't even know what stay means? Surprised she stopped. =P


    Gahhhh I need to stop using my phone for these.

  3. Boo :)

  4. I want to join in! Sorry, but I couldn't seem to keep the camera from shaking. lol