Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tricks #7, #8, and #9

Sorry for the last post everyone! Therefore you will have until next Tuesday (March 2nd) to turn this set in, though new ones will be starting on Sunday!!

Trick #7 = Take
Dog must pick up an object. Whether it's from your hand, floor, etc. I personally use take for taking something outta my hand - helpful when I've got four dogs and only one is instructed to take something.

Trick #8 = Give
Dog must drop/hand you object on command. I personally only use *Give* with *Take*, as we use that for one someone needs to be holding an object in their mouth.

Trick #9 = Sit pretty
Our form of sit pretty is a dog in a sit position (on haunches) and raising paws to chest. But it's your dog, it could be standing on hind legs, front legs, maybe you want a leg sticking out. Whatever! Make it fun!

Also keep working on *Roll Over*, as you'll be needing that and *shaking with both paws* later in the game, maybe next week, week after, who knows! Videos must be in by Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 at 11:oo pm EST.

I've also added a new rule: Rule #4
Any trick can be gone back and taught. You won't receive the same number as points for having it in on time, but it could help in the long run!! Please send me an email with link (as well as commenting in appropiate week) so I can log it!

Trick #5 and #6 - Completion

Sorry for the late posts guys! Good job everyone! Seems that everyone got the *both paws* trick down pat, and either succeeded with the *roll over* or are well on their ways! For those who were able to train it, would someone like to post a how-to video?

This weeks winner was tough, but the dog that out shined them all with a two-way roll... is Jess and Tempie!! Good job!!! (sorry I can't figure how to embed photobucket videos)


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Trick #5 and #6

So starting today, you will now have a week to train tricks as we're doing a couple each week. Trick videos must be in by Saturday Feb. 20th by 11:00pm EST.

Trick #5 - Shake Paws With Both Hands
Whether your dog just paws at you, and gives you their paw it doesn't matter. Try to put a command for each paw!

Trick #6 - Roll over
Dogs must be able to roll completely to their other side.

These don't have to be perfect, but once they're *taught* keep practicing as we'll be building on these later *hinthint*.

Trick #4 and Recap #1 = Completion

Awesome job guys! How many of yall had to train it, or your dogs already knew it?

This trick's star... is Boo!! I love how she stayed put when you toured your entire house!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trick #4 = Stay *AND* #1 Re-Cap

For trick #4, you will be teaching your dog(s) to STAY! Also, we are doing the first re-cap of all we've learned so far, as this is the end of the first chapter. Basically in the re-cap, you must have a video in which your dog does all four of the last tricks: sit, down, come, and stay. Tricks can be in any order, but must be in the same video! No cut/pasting together!

Videos will be due by February 13th at 11:00pm EST.

After that is turned in, I will be switching it up to giving out a few tricks each week, in which you'll have a whole week to turn it (there may be 2-3 tricks each week). It only gets funner from here folks!

Here's ours (is it sad I haven't posted the videos of my own dogs yet? LAWL)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Trick Time Frame

For those that are participating... do you feel that 3 days is enough time for training? The tricks will most definitely be getting harder from here. I'm thinking 2-3 tricks in a week would be obtainable, with one trick being easier than the other. Any thoughts?

Trick #2/#3 = Completion

Glad to see some new faces doing the challenge... thanks for joining in!

Awesome awesome awesome jobs everyone... my favorite this week is MuppetPups!!

http://s249.photobucket.com/albums/gg226/wegotanairshow/?action=view¤t=trick2and3.flv (sorry it won't let me embed it)

And ours for the week:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Trick #2 and Trick #3 = Down and Come/Recall

Since there are only 3 more "basic" tricks left, I've decided to do them together as they are fairly easy. The tricks themselves do not have to be done at the same time.

Trick #2 = Down
Another easy one, just get your dog into the dog position with those elbows touching the ground!

Trick #3 = Come/Recall
Also easy, but a very important command to have in your repertoire. It is very very important for your dog to have a good, strong recall. You'll never know when you'll need it!!

Another rule/guideline I'm adding, is that there must be some sort of command given for each trick, either a verbal, hand-cue, whatever you choose. And the names that I give to my commands, does not mean you need to use those too! Make it fun!!

Also those playing along with us, don't feel obligated to teach something you don't want your dog to learn. For example, one of the tricks in the book is teaching your dog to crawl under a hula-hoop/tire jump; that would reeaaallllyyyy not go over good when we're running an agility course and one of my dogs thinks I'm asking them to go underneath. LOL. Do what makes you and your dog comfortable. If you dog *downs* and rolls onto their hip, and that's okay for you, then c/t. Or if the dog recalls into a front or side position, it's up to you! Your the boss! (hehe or would "pack leader" do it?)

Videos must be entered before 11:00pm on February 8th, EST. Now go play with your dog! ****(changed due to idiot complaints)****

Trick #1 = Completion

I'd like to thank Megan & Bailey, Fran & Romeo, skki & Pit, Jesi & Reed, and Southpaw & Juno for doing the #1 Trick Challenge!!!

This week's *star*... is Fran & Romeo! Good job sticking to it!! (plus the jump at the end is the cutest thing EVAH!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Trick #1 = Sit

Easy enough, teach your dog to sit. Either in front of you, beside you, on a box, with a fox. Just make sure that butt is touching the ground!!

Time Frame:
**DEADLINE HAS BEEN PROLONGED** Videos must be submitted by midnight on February 5th, EST. (Yes, I am a night owl).

Sit is one of my top five commands I train my dogs to do, and it's also one of the easiest. Most people will either lure or shape this command; luring is used to get the dog into the desired position with say a treat, or toy, and c/t (click and treating) when they are in position, and shaping is when one would c/t when the dog sits (or whatever command you are trying to teach). I myself will do both depending depending on the trick.


I've decided I need help in motivating my self to do more clicker-work with my dogs. With that, I need your help... and so a blog is born! What we will be doing, is having a trick challenge. There will be prizes given at the end of the challenge... as well as blogged-fame of your awesomeness!

Tricks are based off the book 101 Dog Tricks by Kyra Sundance, though most will be blogger-submitted and random ones I think up.


1. Please leave link to your video response via comments. I will post that trick's best performance on the blog, as well as best blooper response (there's no fun if you can't laugh along the way! - please label response as blopper).

2. Each trick will vary on number of days it runs, so check back often.

3. Trick must be performed without luring. Anything else goes, either verbal or hand-motion cue.

3. Have fun, don't be discouraged, and get Ready!!!